SkyHouse Music: Positive Electronic music with an alternative twist and DIY indie inspiration. Hip-Hop. Rock. R&B. Blues, Reggae. Acoustic. Pop. Dance/EDM/Electronic. Melted.

The refreshing use of the poetic techniques of hip-hop to guide the meditations is a unique take on the usual vocal deliveries of guided meditation facilitators. The vocal deliveries, along with the innovative way of adding hip-hop and world music beats to a meditative setting, has really helped us become more mindful.

- Abraham & Rhonda Donahue  San Diego, California

SkyHouse Music creates words & music that help us focus our mind away from negative energy to healing positive energy.  Musical Adventurers exploring the uncharted territory of genre-melting, SkyHouse Music has been collaborating with a diverse group of singers, songwriters, rappers, musicians. lyricists, and recording engineers discovering never-ending riches of sonic treasures. Songs, Beats, Guided Meditations, Toplines, & more...