Our Story

Nothing is better than being able to share music with the world. SKYHOUSE MUSIC LOVES THE INTERNET!  It's something that Skyhouse Music takes rather seriously, yet they do it in a creative and fun manner.

Since beginning more than a decade ago, Skyhouse has come to play a bigger role in the music community than just a gigging band where people come to have fun and dance. Skyhouse Music LLC has grown because of it's involvement with local bands and with artists from all over the world. The more creative people that Skyhouse interacts with the more they learn - which helps them to be better music and video producers.

No matter how many songs or videos they produce, the folks at Skyhouse Music LLC are always learning.  That's the real beauty of creativity - it is a journey and not a destination, and one Skyhouse Music really loves being a part of!

The Skyhouse Music Team

  • Harris Levon McRae
  • Bets Pott
  • Rachel Rock
  • Pat Washington 
  • Jeffrey Howrey
  • Moe
  • Samantha L